We are living in the age of digital transformation and disruption.

Digital disruption is the change that occurs when new digital  technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services. Digital disruption refers to modifications enabled by digital technologies that occur at a stride and degree that interrupt established ways of value creation, social interactions, doing business and more generally our thinking”.

Obviously no part of human endeavor will be spared by the digital storm. How about the real estate and property industry?

From the definition above, digital disruption will affect every state of business. From people to processes to technology. Every business should see digital transformation as the way to go and not just as alternative or support option.

Today, digital disruption is all-pervasive, with technology integrated into our everyday lives. Digital innovation is changing economies and markets, reinventing the way business is done in all industries across the globe. The level of technology advancement organizations are facing today is akin to the industrial revolution of the early 1900s – and it’s accelerating our businesses and operating models. No industry is untouched. Some have been impacted immediately, and others, such as real estate, are just now feeling the profound influence of the digital transformation that has been taking place over the past two decades.
Digital disruption affects all real estate asset classes: Residential Consumers, Office, Retail and Industrial
We shall examine this topic briefly on the 3 bases:
1. Consumers
2. Retail
3. Office
4. Industrial


The domestic end consumers of all real estate classes have changing tastes and preferences. In this digital era, with the help of high speed data service, smartphones and technology, the house hunting process should become much easier.

Real estate agenst like Agent360 Nigeria is pushing technology to next level by providing virtual tours of potential properties to save time and cost. The virtual tour experience is almost equal to visiting a property.

Real Estate Retailers

It is high time the retailers understand the rapidly changing preferences and tastes of consumers. Today’s consumers are super busy and want convenience at all costs. So they wish to have access to anything they want at anywhere and at anytime. With this in mind, the retailer that embraces digital transformation to make this happen will definitely have a competitive advantage.
Retailers need to quickly respond to consumer demands for online shopping “anywhere, anytime” by developing new channels and improving logistics and fulfilment strategies.


In this age of work from any where approach, real estate industry ned to take a whole new look at not just design but also usability of office designs. As more and more robots take over, this industry has a lot to learn.


Industrial design will have its own share in this.

Robots started to change the industrialized world more than a half century ago. Since then, they’ve transformed how businesses manufacture goods large and small, and replaced the need for human labour in a vast range of applications, from fulfilling warehouse orders to maintaining nuclear reactors.

Agent360.net – a Real Estate Disruptor in Nigeria

Agent360.net Nigeria has come to take the Real Estate industry in Nigeria by storm. We have identified key customer touchpoints where we can come in. For example:

From Finding A Property to Visiting the Unit, and to Fraud Prevention to Accountability and Transparency, to Privacy and to the wholeLease process, digital tools shall be employed to create a very competitive brand.

Stay tuned. This is Agent360.net


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